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Windows Booting or Startup Errors

When a user turns on his computer, the BIOS or UEFI decides which partition is to be loaded, according on data it reads from the boot leader. If MBR, GPT or core operating system drivers become damaged then you confront an unbootable system.

If you see a blue screen on your laptop then it means that the MBR or GPT successfully loaded and fails to finish the boot-up. In case of any other condition, such as a blinking cursor and the blackness of a DOS prompt, then the MBR/GPT might be harmed.

There are thousands of errors from which you might get one your screen during the computer’s startup. However, there are few which occurs regularly. If you are the lucky one and get the following errors then you can save your computer.

1. BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl Alt Del to reboot- this error occurs due to corrupted file, misconfigured hard drive, outdated BIOS and damaged hard drive interface cables. to solve this issue do the following:

  • Restart the system; check the USB ports, optical drives and floppy for media.
  • Confirm the correct hard drive or bootable device is listed in BIOS.
  • Reset all power cables and internal data.
  • Execute a Startup Repair of Windows.

2. Hal.dll is missing or corrupt- this error is seen in Windows 10,8 7 and Vista. To fix this problem:

  • Restart the system, confirm for proper boot order in BIOS.
  • Repair the entire boot.ini file.
  • Restore the hal.dll file form the Windows and perform a repair installation and clean installation of Windows XP.

3. Try using a rescue disk if getting different error messages.

4. Try to boot into Safe mode by pressing F8 key when turning on the laptop.

5. Also, check for any damaged or incompatible hardware.

Many times ac computer don’t boot because of hardware fails and it is not easy to fix their problem. Hard drives are one of the common problems. Our guide will definitely help you if not, and then try searching on Google for various errors to solve the problem.

I hope, that you already have a backup of your computer files so that if you need to replace the hard drive then you don’t have to confront any further problem for your work.