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How to Disable Your Dell Laptop Function Key

When it comes to purchase of laptops, many turn directly towards Dell for backing their technical life. Dell has branded themselves beautifully by finding their niche and they are delivering diversely to the audience. With their affordable pricing and durability they offer in their computers, it is quite difficult to turn down such a great deal. So, if you are a primary user of dell, which means you prefer to work on this brand only and the rest are forced like office PCs. In the other computers, you might not then feel comfortable with the function keys as your finger moves as per your habit. In such a situation what is the ideal thing to do?

For inconvenience, multimedia purposes, presentations or media center, you can disable the features of your function key and instead use the keys in the media controls. Here, Dell service centre explains how to do that:

The first step would be to enter Basic Input Output System (BIOS) of the system during the booting process.

  • So, restart your computer and wait the laptop starts to switch on.
  • After you watch the boot screen, look out for the bottom instruction for Press the XX key to enter system BIOS.
  • Now, hold the F2 key and after the message appears to enter the BIOS screen.
  • By pressing the right arrow key, go to the advanced tab.
  • Scrolling down, you have to select Function Key Behavior on the Advanced tab and click Enter.
  • Press arrow keys to navigate the Multimedia Key First.
  • Now press F10 and this will save your settings and exit.
  • Now, your laptop will restart again and make changes.

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