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Dell service centre sets the goal right by offering customers with the easiest way to find solution. Since technical hindrances are no rarity in the field, therefore, finding a way between is the way forward. We troubleshoot the most common to critical issues related to your laptop and computers developed by Dell. Our team is packed up with specialized experts who can solve any of your issues in the device. From common software to the rarest hardware issues are solved by our engineers.

Dell offers products and applications in both hardware and software department. They are the multinational company with headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, United States. Dell Inc. is considered to be the third-largest PC manufacturers worldwide. Our repair service is available across London (UK). There are other centers in the city as well.

Our centre is situated in London mainly and we are very proud to announce that we have been able to offer amplified services in the city. With critical and major troubleshooting successes, we embrace the feedbacks from our customers. Our team is extremely resourceful and we find our team to be the biggest strength. In order to hone their skills and knowledge, they have gathered a good amount of experience in the field as well.

Technical issues are something which cannot be avoided because it happens for various reasons starting from low maintenance, wrong settings, issues which cannot be troubleshoot and more. When you are using a device which is commanded through software and hardware, issues will come to the fore once in a while if the command doesn’t work or other external factors as well. In such situation, you need to find expert who can resolve the matter. Dell Repair Centre believes in offering affordable services but ensuring that we provide absolute attention to details. Because of these reasons customers trust towards the brand.

Our Services


Window/linux installations

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Computer Security

Computer Security

The Technical Services We Offer Customers With Are As Follows:

  • Operating system issues or installation error
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Blue screen of death or screen black out
  • Windows booting or startup errors
  • Software installation issue
  • Power jack failure/repair
  • Wi-Fi/internet connectivity problem
  • Anti-virus installation or renewal errors
  • AC adaptors replacement
  • Battery not charging the laptop

Reach Dell Repair Centre At The Time Of Urgency & Get Problem Solved!

When you have an urgent need to get your laptop or computer fixed, we are always ready along with our experts to help you. To get our assistance, you can dial our Dell Service Centre Number +44-2038-687821. Get in touch with our centre to troubleshoot your PC's, Laptop, Desktop, notebook etc through Live Chat Service. We are able to fix your device remotely as well, thus, increasing our service’s availability. We also offer same day service to demolish your downtimes.